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Michel Herbelin Watches

 Whether it is women's watches or men's watches, the watch making company Michel Herbelin is known for its dedication to highly sophisticated timepieces and highly accurate and improved quartz technology at affordable prices. Since its founding in 1947, the watch making house has been creating high quality and reliable watches and in 1972, the brand decided to engage in a new marketing scheme that targeted customers from middle class to the upper-class, a reason why Michel Herbelin Watches are one of the best and the most affordable watches in the world.

 France is the home of the Michel Herbelin brand and it is the leading brand in the nation’s market, but the said brand also prospers in many parts of the world, selling two thirds of their production to over fifty countries worldwide. The quality of the brand’s watches have been known to compete with Swiss made timepieces, making it difficult to tell which are Michel Herbelin Watches and Swiss made watches when speaking quality-wise. But Swiss watches aren’t the only competition for the tough brand; Michel Herbelin reinvented their whole framework to contend with the aggressive approach of cheap quartz from the Japanese.

 As far as watch enthusiasts are concerned, quartz meant cheap, and the brand believed that what is cheap doesn’t have to be of low caliber, a reason why Michel Herbelin Watches flourish in almost every market it perforates. Design-wise however, Michel Herbelin Watches for both men and women are designed to be definitive ad classic timepieces; the elegant styles of each watch they design are timeless pieces ready to contend with yesterday and today’s trends.

 Michel Herbelin men's watches are fit to be worn by men of substance that give importance not only to the style of a watch but also paying attention to the quality of it. Michel Herbelin women's watches are made to embrace the feminine wrist with excellent caliber yet with styles that are as gracious and as passionate as that of a woman.

The Michel Herbelin Watches, From Paris, With Love.