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Benetton Watches by United Colors of Benetton


When one hears of the brand United Colors of Benetton, surely what comes in mind are colors, different shades, different hues, a spectacle of colors. United Colors of Benetton is the only brand I know who uses every color in the crayon box with excellence. I was born during the mid 80’s so I practically grew up as Benetton flourished into the worldwide fashion scene. I remember seeing my Mom wearing Benetton clothes and asking her if I can have Benetton clothes too.

 But clothing isn’t the only field the brand has conquered, Benetton is also a watch making house, devoted to creating quality timepieces to suit every taste and every preference.  Benetton Watches, it is where style and quality meet. Benetton competes with leading watch makers worldwide but with a price range that wont burn holes on pockets.

 Benetton men's watches are simple and sleeks, perfect addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. The designs are not extravagant, so are the watch works. The watches follow no crazy trend, nor does it take footsteps after ostentatious timepieces, simply the men’s watches are simple enough to be worn everyday yet sleek enough to match as you dress up for important matters.

 The Benetton women's watches on the other hand define a woman’s simple and delicate beauty, with light hearted style for the free-spirited you. The women's watches has an air of ease that makes it a reliable companion to your everyday lifestyle. The watches are not lavish and opulent, instead they are just simple, yet simply charming, like a woman in her most natural self. Show your love for life and time your most fondling memories with the United Colors of Benetton Watches

 Benetton watches, laidback timepieces that inspire, keep you in-style and on time.